Iron Doors Specifications


Details are of vital importance for Beverly Hills Iron Doors when it comes to technics specification. The standard jamb market is 2x6”, but we do 2x6.5” to facilitate the correct and better installation and we can manufacture in 1x6.5” when the gate is narrow and can manufacture 2x7,8, 9, 10, 11, 12”. Any measures your door need to by manufacture is possible. We use in Beverly Hills Iron Doors caliber 14, which is structurally suitable for the weight of the door including glass (250lb); whit this caliber we warrantee the jambs for 15 years.


The trim would be added on after installation and secured with special selected stainless steel screws as many as we need depending of the size of your door, is an extra quality and aesthetic plus to you dream custom door.


We use the best lacquer paint option on the market our successful criteria by painting process in 5 steps using automotive paint lacquer.

Alarm Hole

All our doors include specific hole required for alarm installation and you can change the location of the alarm hole, usually the hole is located in the top of the operative door.

Weather seal

Cellular modified foam core, cladding is an embossed, non-vinyl, U.V. stabilized, paint-resistant liner. Has 5/8” reach. Will allow for as much as 3/16” movement with no loss of sealing performance. Air infiltration tested. Fire rated by underwrites laboratory for 20 minutes.


The foam insulation is injected into the jamb and frames of alla our doors with this we have two inch thick foam injector, which has a temperature resistance of R19.

Kit plate

Our standard kit plate is about 16 inches and the drawing on the exterior part of our iron doors is the same as seen in the interior, is half tubular reinforced around the perimeter on the bottom plate.


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