Which is the proper maintenance and cleaning for my new Beverly Hills Iron Door?


Clean your door periodically to keep it looking new. Use liquid wax every 2 months on the surface and W40 oil in hinges from glass and doors. Don’t use any abrasive liquids since you can damage the finish of your door, and this wouldn’t be covered by our warranty. Don’t use water to clean your door.


Please contact our representative at sales@beverlyhillsirondoors.com if your door needs maintenance or repairs to be performed. A service request has to be submitted along with pictures explaining the problem and an assessment will be performed to consider if it’s covered by warranty.

How long will it take to get my order?

Delivery time is 3-5 weeks on individual products, not including an extra week to selection, modification and confirmation of design, for a large projects is a little longer.

Do you ship orders internationally?

Yes, we have experience sending orders to Japan, Canada and have doors in 80% of the US, indicating high quality performance and details. With a great team in every aspect of the products.

What I have to worry about as a customer?

As a customer you only have to worry basically all about aesthetic would focus only on choosing design, color and type of glass, Beverly Hills Iron Doors is responsible for manufacturing, our extensive experience in the market creates an effective work between client and Beverly Hills Iron Doors. And Beverly Hills Iron Doors takes full responsibility and if the customer orders something contrary to OSHA regulation codes Beverly Hills Iron Doors will warn in advance of the installation project.

What kind of warrantee do I have with Beverly Hills Iron Doors?

Beverly Hills Iron Doors warrantees all our products for seven years, but some of our hardwere reach up to 15-year warranty. For more information please read the following link:

What difference does Beverly Hills Iron Doors?

We have an experience of over 20 years manufacturing iron doors, in the response time we considered the fastest in the manufacture and delivery of California, Our team has over 12 years working with us to manufacture iron doors this guarantees zero failures in all our processes to deliver your looking for perfection, of the prestige of the brand is to consider that acquire not only a product but a single door manufactured in a limited edition, which gives added value to your home.


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