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Beverly Hills Iron Doors is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing large iron doors. Dedicated to creating products of quality in principal iron spaces, railings and entry doors, our focus in developing and refining these products has resulted innovative, performance, value and brand promise.

Beverly Hills Iron Doors starts creating unique works of arts in 1992, in North America, with our experience and knowing that the door is one of the most important parts of your home. Is the first impression you get from outside your home. It is well worth it to invest in a piece of art that going to last a really long time. Our products are the preferred choice when it comes to open spaces and railings.

Our designs are totally integrated side to side by the expert’s designers and our customer´s. We make our customers dreams come true together.

At the core of every successful door and décor details we made is not just because it’s an icon of our success and experience is because we have a totally committed to have our customer satisfied in every bottom line.

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